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Posted by Thomas on Jan 20, 2019 2:54:58 PM

At TES our goal is to help our clients and companies to compete using data.

To help fulfil this goal we have decided to bring what we have learned from working with clients over the last six years to a broader audience to provide companies with the ideas, frameworks and tools required for the new data-driven economy.

With this goal in mind we are launching our blog where we plan to share our thoughts, learnings and insights on:

  • Simple frameworks to use to enable a conversation on data
  • Understanding people and their role in the data world 
  • How to treat data as an asset starting with the executive team
  • Addressing the challenge of building a business case for data
  • How to identify tangible opportunities with data that are achievable
  • Technology as a tool and how to ensure you scale correctly
  • Security and data governance - creating a controlled environment

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